Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kill La Kill

Ryuko Motoi

This anime is something I could almost call a best seller, now the thing is, I hate spoilers so much it makes my blood boil, but on the other hand I want to tell you this great show for those who don't know about, Kill La Kill is a really nice anime  just because it's all starting in a high school, now some of you are wondering, what's so great about the show if it's in a high school? This anime that I'll give you a SNIPPET of is gonna blow your mind to a great deal ti a point where you want to watch it after you read this passage.
Kiryuin Satsuki

Now, lets get started on the characters, you first get this transfer student from a distant land coming to seek an answer she is trying to answer by going to other high schools, she then comes across a a high school named Hounonji Academy, a school with such high discipline and tolerates absolutely no disobedience, when the girl, by the way her name is Ryuuto Motoi, as I was saying, she was accepted and tried to go to the ruler of the school, the student council president Kiryuin Satsuki, and try to get some answers out of her so when she saw her at the top of the school tower she yelled to get a answer, even though she never gave her and answer about who killed her father, Satsuki would be willing to talk to her if she beat her strongest men. That's where the story begins.

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