Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Superman's Creators

Joe Shuster
Joe Shubster

Some might think the great Superman is an American comic, but the shocking truth awaits that Superman is actually half Canadian. Jerry Siegel's ethnicity is American but the second creator of Superman is Joe Shubster, Joe was born on July 10, 1914. When he was only nine years of age he and he and his family moved to the United States and in to Cleveland, Ohio where he grew up and eventually meet Jerome Siegel. Siegel had made a story about a superhero we all know as Superman, but truth be told that Shubster is the man who drew the man of steel.

Jerry Siegel

 I really like these comic book writers because Superman is like an American Classic and that it is very shocking how Superman is a Canadian American comic book. I also like it because it would seem that Jerome Siegel's spouse Joanne Siegel was a complete figure to Lois Lane in her mid teens. I also like because Jerry was the man who made the Man of Steel. This is also a good book because they had a story where Superman was a teen in high school and was visited by kids from the future who were known as the legion superheroes.

It's also said that Superman never had his own comic book. He was first introduced by Action Comics. He was one of the great superheros introduced of all time. Action Comics were named as Detective Comics but later known as Action Comics in 1938. Action Comics were created in the Golden Age of comic books. It also means that it is created at that time.

 There are some things that are good about Superman. However, Superman has weaknesses other than Kryptonite. There will be other alien or superhuman rivals that will try to annihilate Superman. For one Superman can't fight without his #1 source to power, the yellow sun. Without that source he's as vulnerable any other human being on earth.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Strom 3

This game was recently released at March 5, 2013 with even greater graphics than it's predecessor games in ten years the greatest hit in Namco Bandi games and CyberConnet2 development. It starts right after the battle of pain has ended where the leaf is rebuilding after it's destruction from the sinister man of the Akatsuki organization, Pain. He then was defeated and Sasuke was on his way to crush the leaf until one of the members of the Akatsuki shown up and told Sasuke was told that the four leaf elders were responsible for Itachi going to the Akatsuki's gang. So he went after the first leaf elder, Danzo. Danzo was evenly matched with Sasuke, until Danzo grabbed one of his comrades as a hostage. 

  Sauke's unleashed his true power and annihilated him with one attack while his comrade was held hostage as if he never cared if she dies or not, He then was taken  by the Akatsuki. After he was taken by the Akatsuki the leader had told him if she is not needed than dispose of her because she knows too much info. 

 The fact that Sasuke has been dropped to the depths of darkness he will never show sympathy towards his comrades who have fallen so easily in battle. I thought it was a real good game and if you would watch it on YouTube, it's even more exciting.


I must not spoil anymore for this is an epic game for all Naruto Fans to play.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Naruto chapter 627 - Sasuke's Decision

Naruto 627 Page 12To the point where Sasuke had heard the story of Hashirama and Madara's childhood, he now is thinking of a decision. Should he destroy the leaf or help the shinobi on the battlefield to stop the Ten Tails from its Rampage. He then decides to to help the shinobi only because that Sasuke's brother help the leaf and made it prosper as well as Hashirama and Madara brother. Hashirama and the others are heading to the leaf and feel nostalgic a bit. They then hop on their monuments and head to the battlefield.

I think this is good for Sasuke because he can now do what is right. He finally found the path where he belonged. By knowing what he had to hear  he now knows the truth of the darkness in his clan so that he may do a better job for making up what he has committed. He now has the will of fire burning in his heart.

However I believe Sasuke should have done this sooner but considering he was with Orochimaru then it's okay. Also Itachi should've done a better plan before dying by his own brother's hands. Also he could've made Orochimaru bring back Itachi to fight. Sasuke should've joined the fray a long time ago. The last I have to say is Naruto and him should not fight.

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