Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Truecrime: Streets of LA

Truecrime: Streets of LA is an action video game about a cop from LA who is trying to find justice in the world. Nick Kang is a cop who is supended for unknown reasons because it didn't reval anything about Nick's suspension or what he did before he got a suspension. All I know is that he is going to get his father's case solved.

I like this game because Nick's atitude is spicy, but he can get the job done because he wants to finish this case. He wanted to be the best cop of all time just like his father because he can get the job done by any means necessary.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Playstation 4

The new Dual-shock 4

The great game that surpasses all of its predecessors of PlayStation and Sony, the PlayStation 4. This new game has a lot of new things better than what the PlayStation 3 has: for one it has a new touch pad. So if you can remember what what was on the center of the Dual shock 3 there were two buttons, Select and Start. It also has a headset pluger so you can talk with your friends. It also has a diffrent shape than the Dualshock three.

I like this because they took Dualshock to a whole new level because now there's a touch screen. You don't see that on Xbox one do you? No! So that's why Dual-shock 4 is a lot better than the Xbox one. For one, the Xbox one controller is no different than the Xbox 360 because if you look in comparison the new look is the "X" being moved at the top of the controller.