Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Superboy(Kon-El) is a project Cadmus clone formed by the DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor. Superboy was a person who never left his pod if summoned. But when he was he took Kid flash, Aqualad, and Robin they woke up and see him just looking at him. Right after he looked, Kid Flash said "he can talk?" Superboy got angry and said "yes he can" but after meeting Aqualad and telling him he had a great aspiration of Superman's abilities. He then had a thought of freedom and set them free.
Kid Flash, Robin, Superboy, 
and Aqualad after escaping cadmus.

Superboy came to the rescue and on the four went to escape project Cadmus. They were following Superboy when Superboy was telepathically directed to the opening by a Cadmus genome. They were stopped by the Cadmus head of directors Mark Desmound. He had a glass cylinder and was written Project Blockbuster, and then he drank the blue liquid and became some blue skinned monster. They had defeated it and destroyed Cadmus and at the midst of the destruction the Justice League had arrived. Superman saw Superboy but did not know who he was. Superboy then picked up his ripped cloth and showed Superman his "S". Superman had given him a disgusting look. He then came to him and said " we'll find something for you- the league will". He felt very uncomfortable and excused himself quickly. He and the other heroes and came to Mount Justice where they will be a team. Since there was going to be a team Martian Man Hunter allowed his niece Miss Martian to join. Then the Team had begun. 

         In my opinion I thought this was a really good team. Also because that Superman knows Superboy exists, he'll have a hard time getting him out of his mind. I also believe Superman should bond with Superboy because he never came on purpose. He only just wanted to loved that he saw Superman. So Superman shouldn't complain. This team is gonna work out fine.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju

Madara Uchiha 

Hashirama Senju

Madara Uchiha, this man founded the hidden leaf village along with Hashirama senju. There is a detailed story about both Madara and Hashirama clans. The Uchiha were a strong group until they fought a clan with equilibrium strength. That clan was known as the Senju. These clans were formed from a same family who's father was the father of all shinobi. The number one ninja of all shinobi was the sage of six paths. The sage wanted world peace and harmony throughout the world, but when it was still a fantasy his time came. He entrusted his way of the ninja to his two sons, the elder son inherited his eyes the rinnegan, the power of spiritual energy, while the other was gifted with his physical strength. Madara was the descendent of the older brother while the Senju were the younger brothers generation.  Madara wanted to be the next sage of six paths. To seek such power in his clan, he must kill someone dear to him. His friend and comrade who also founded the leaf village who was a Senju is the first hokage, Hashirama Senju was the first friend he ever had. They had never known their clans were enemies so they came to see each other periodically. Until Hashirama and Madara's fathers and two younger brothers were clashing with equal strength, at the final part the fight to fathers threw kunai at the other kid with no sympathy at all. At the split second of that moment two rocks were thrown at the weapons that could've been Tobirama Senju and Izuna Uchiha's demise. Madara and Hashirama had fought for years and years, until they day Madara lost his last brother and had gone berserk. Madara had finally came to an agreement to stop violence and come to peace which lead to the birth of the Leaf Village.

If you are interested in this man or Naruto itself then you can read all its comics.   

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Young Justice

the young team (execpt batman and
and sportsmaster and red arrow)

Today I will be talking about a whole new generation of superheros. One where earths heros are better than the League. A group of protege's from great herous have made a team to stop evil when it hits. The strongest yet light headed is the superboy, the cadmus progect to replace superman if he perishes and be destroyed if turns against the light. he became well aware that cadmus was using him and became liberated and joined the team. In my opinion I like the Team becuase super has a name on earth and on krypton, his kyptonian name is Kon-El while the name of earth is Conner Kent. He aslo has human Dna from infamous Lex Luthor. That also means if you are a krptonian with human genes you would have half of the powers. Now that he has half he only has super strength, high leaps, and seeing threw tangable objects. I am also goig to talk about blue beetle(far right) he is a ordinary boy who was skateboarding while talking to his mother. By the time he finished his phone call and an explosion occurred, he lost balance of his skateboard and fell. When he got up he found a blue scarab and immediately moved to his back and a suit emerged.