Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Cole Mcgrath

One man by the name of Cole Mcgrath has extraordinary electric abilities; he can shoot electric blasts off his hands. But he wasn't the "the electric man" until a big explosion happened in his city known as Empire City. Cole dropped out of college and got a job as a bike carrier; mostly just to piss off his parent. He's the type of you see everyday sending packages to people he never knew, until one day the package came to him. When he opened his package a ginormous explosion struck, and since he lived in empire city there were three districts; the historic district, the neon district, and the warren. Cole was in the historic district. Five square reduced to rubel and in the center was Cole, changed. He got these new electric powers. 

Zeke Dunbar 

Cole woke up in a hospital with Trish, while Zeke was looking at a magazine. Cole woke up looking scared when all of a sudden electricity was all over his hand, but after some time he had been able to master it. It was after some time a man was responsible for the so called "terrorist" attack it was a man named Kessler; a man who controlled the great organization known as the first sons. the first sons made the most destructive object that might destroy mankind in the making; that object is called the ray sphere. Also their was a reason why Kessler gave Cole the powers, a beast with unthinkable power will come to annihilate humanity and will start with empire city. Kessler is the future Cole Mcgrath who wanted to rewrite history. In order for Cole to be ready when the beast arrives