Saturday, November 17, 2012


Virgil Hawkins
Virgil Hawkins 

Richie Foley
Virgil Hawkins is a boy who lost his mother has a sister and father living in Dakota. Virgil and his family has just been informed that there has been a virus what is known as the big bang that has been exposed making children called bang babies. Virgil and his friend Richie are the main superhero's in Dakota Virgil is a bang baby but a good bang baby he want to help those in Dakota,as for his friend Richie, Richie is technical genius who helps static have a better advantage with an enemy.

static shock(virgil)
Virgil is a boy who doesn't mean harm when it comes to the innocent but when it comes to the bad guys he has what he has to do to make the enemy stop hurting the innocents. Static shock and gear deal with a lot of people. They both have two lives, one day they are at school another they're out fighting crime.

Gear is superhero and the best friend static he's real name is Richie Osgood he is a technical who desperately wanted powers so he bumped into this old man who happens to be a bang baby who can give powers to other so Richie became very apologetic to the old man and shacked his hand when the old man shacked his hand he felt a strange static electric feeling in his fingertips then he looks at his hand for a while and looks up and sees that the old man disappears. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

modern warfare 3 vs. battlefield 3

         Two of the year's biggest games are going head to head this holiday season, both seeking the crown as best military first-person shooter. Unless you've cut yourself off from all forms of media consumption, I'm of course talking about Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.
         It is my belief that it isn't fair to declare one game "the winner" when comparing BF3 and MW3. Modern Warfare may have the more recognizable brand, but Battlefield has a longer history. BF3 may have vehicles in multiplayer, but MW3 offers more online modes.
        Whichever side of the fence you find yourself on, there's no denying that both titles are an absolute blast to play and are true technical achievements in interactive entertainment. If money isn't an issue, I definitely recommend checking both titles out. If you can't justify $120 on two great military shooters, hopefully I've laid each game's pros and cons out to help you make an educated choice on which game is right for you.
        While I may think it isn't fair to award either game first place, that doesn't mean you can't. Please vote in the poll above for which game you prefer!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dragonball Z

Goku in adulthood 

Dragon ball Z is a Japanese manga and anime series that has to do with a boy who's life was changed because of an evil conqueror who destroyed the young child's planet and race. That young child's name is Goku. This manga is the most action pack book got all the action you can or can't handle. This manga is at the ranking at number sixty seven. The isn't as good  as you read but I assure you this manga will blow your socks off. The one the only greatest shows in the Dragon-Ball Z history. 

young goku

This game is about the three main sagas mostly similar to the action pack Japanese anime and manga series Dragon-ball Z. You all know what it's about, a little saiyan boy from a planet comes to earth and on old man comes to get his food from his garden as he walks he sees a space ship and inside it is a little boy in a visible globe with a brown fuzzy tail. The old man takes him in as his own, he believed he would have a happy life with his new grandson but that was the opposite, he was a mean annoying little brat until one day he fell and hit his head and on the next day he was a nice friendly boy who cared about others than himself. This game is filled with action pack filled with transformation's and aliens an anything you think it will be just like the Dragon-Ball Z universe.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bleach Introduction

Ichigo Kurosaki

Its about one teen whose life was changed forever by one girl not romance, but power. Rukia Kuchiki is what they call a soul reaper and she must do whatever it takes to defeat hollows and purify them with good energy so they will rest in piece. A teen boy with orange hair by the name of Ichigo Kurosaki has just walked home from school. Ichigo can see the here departed which also mean he can see ghost, Ichigo comes home from school and at the minute he walks through that door his dad Isshin Kurosaki sneak attacks him and they both fight all day till bed. Then he see's a girl black haired a black robe and a samurai sword, she walks on the floor and tries to take out her sword but right after talking to her self she gets kicked in the behind by Ichigo and is stunned since Ichigo can see her. She introduces herself to Ichigo, her name is Rukia Kuchiki. 

Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki is a temperamental girl who was born in the roukon district a very low class in the soul society. Rukia was accepted into the Kuchiki house while Rukia's only friend Renji abari works his way into the thirteen court guard squads. Unlike Rukia her older brother got her in the thirteen court guard squads as squad 13 with her captain, captain Jushiro Ukitake.

head captain yamamoto 

Rukia has done the 1st class offense of transferring soul reaper powers to a mere mortal. Head captain genryuusai shigekuni yamamoto has judged her and has sentenced her to death. Ichigo has heard the news from the soul society and will not allow it. On the other hand Rukia's brother has no intention of stopping the execution. On the day of the execution Captain Shinsui Kyroku and Captian Jushiro Ukitake plan on saving Rukia too but didn't help in time because Ichigo already got her and destroyed the sokyoku (the execution Rukia was supposed to be killed by) and at that moment Renji, Rukia's old friend. He has become an ally to the Rukia retrieval plan so Ichigo throws Rukia to Renji. and as the all out battle goes nut Rukia is not going to be executed. That is the end of bleach. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Spider-man 2

Dr octopus engaging combat with spider-man

spider-man two original wallpaper

With the ranking of 83% in the 2004 game ranking as number thirty this game is a jumping fighting action pack game that will honestly blow your socks off. As more and more people review on this fabulous game some have bad opinions and some have good opinions. It all depends on what the reader has to say. On a teenager who has a great influence on one man who can change the course of mankind's knowledge to a whole new different level. He has created three mechanical arms that could control him but he was prepared for that as he put a brain sensor light. 

which allows your brain to control your arms. So as Dr. Octavias shows the guest how he can make the sun but went to a brutal end as not only he becomes a evil scientific killer but his beloved has departed. Dr. Octavias's brain light controller has been destroyed he is now controlled by the mechanical arms. Peter Parker has a very slippy life. So far as he has sustained his identity as a friendly neighborhood superhero and demands his own life as is was before. He was granted that request by lack of his efforts to be a better superhero at the same be Peter Parker regular human being. 

At this rate Peter could go socially depressed until Mary Jane Watson calls him over to lunch. She tells to peter " where can this all begin" and Peter just doesn't know what to say out of nowhere she asked  to be kissed by peter but at that sudden moment a car breaks through the glass the store is nearly destroyed the man who is walking on the rubble he caused is the one and only Doctor Octopus. As Harry told Doctor Oct. the intel about spider-man he was informing to tell spiderman to come tonight unless he wants Mary Jane to disappear. Spider-man comes and saves Mary Jane, but now has to deal with evil wrath of him and his tentacles Doctor Octopus they immediately face with one another for the fight we as the audience has been waiting for. As the fighting goes on the winner is spider-man and unfortunately Doctor Otto Octavius has been departed. That is the ending of spider man two.