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Goten, like gohan is a half human half saiyan hybrid. Goten is one of the protagonists in the DragonBall manga and the son of the leading protagonist of the Dragonball manga, Goku. As Goten's Mother Chi-Chi mentioned Goten does look like his father in many ways such as the messy unkempt hair, and a nonstop smile on the childs face.

Goten's Super Saiyan Form

Goten is a very powerful boy at his age because of his nonstop training games with his lifelong best friend trunks. He and trunks train almost every day to the point where Gohan had been afraid of the fact that he should train more or the boys might some day be stronger than him. Goten never got the chance to see his father Goku becuase he was long since dead after the battle with Cell.

Goten is a very naive and fun loving boy to get along with, like his father. He has the power to become a Super Saiyan at his age as a child. He then was the youngest child to become a Super Saiyan in the DragonBall series. He first can't remember when he became a Super Saiyan but had been told not to ever transform into one by his mother, because of the fact his mother Chi-Chi said "theirs another monster in the family." But Gohan said theirs nothing to worry about becuase he's the nicest monster he knows.

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