Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon is a game of 4 different cities where the player has to own each city.  Now when the player was driving in Carbon Canyon he has flashbacks from the past that he was racing in Palmont against Angie (21st street crew) from Kempton, Kenji (Bushido crew) from downtown and Wolf (TFK crew) from Fortuna. When the players are racing, the main character is ahead from the finish line until the police came to join the party, the officers arrests Kenji, Angie, Wolf and the rest of the players and the main player escaped Palmont City. Now he came back to Palmont City.  Carbon is a game set in Palmont City; the player escaped Rockport, went to another city with his old car back from the one he took from Razor back from Rockport and been chased by cops.

Now lost his job because of him and now he’s a bounty hunter and now Cross is chasing the player through Carbon Canyon and when the player gets out of the canyon, the road up ahead was a roadblock and he’s trying very hard to go through the roadblock, but it was a failure. When Cross was about to arrest the player, his old friend of his came by with an Audi le mans Quattro, his friend bail him out and his old girlfriend Nikki came by with a Ford GT and she was angry, Darius tells her that he need to get in the street again and she did so Nikki take him to the car place and introduces a person name Neville and he’s going to be in the player crew, Now the player is gonna be racing against all 3 crew from When the player is driving someone smashes is behind him, it was Sergeant Cross from Rockport who Palmont City.

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